Erie County Chapter of the LINKS, Incorporated

About Us


Chapter President:

Andrea Mays

First Vice President

Se’Vaughn K. Silver-Herrera

Second Vice President

Esther Annan

Recording Secretary

Jacqueline Stover-Stitts

Asst. Recording Secretary

Prenessia Salder Lambert


LaTesha Jones

Financial Secretary

Barbara D. Glover*

Corresponding Secretary

Judine Agostini


Mattie L. Rhodes


Donna Mitchell

Immediate Past President

Janet E. Barnes


L. Jean Adams
Lois Alexander
Carolyn H. Allen*
Debbie Allen
Patricia Baxter
Felicia R. Beard
Sharon M. Bradley
Cullie Brown
Pauline M. Clay*+
Shawntrice Coleman
Sigourney Cook
Gladys J. Diji
Bonita Durand
Agnes O. Fletcher*
Charlene M. Galloway
Marilyn Gibson-Young
Lois (Delores) Hall
Renee L. Harns
Joyce Harrington*+
Eunice D. Jackson*+
Mary Ruth Kapsiak
Meelin Chin Dian Kit-Wells
Catherine J. Lewis
Devorah C. Maclin
Robin Mann
Cecile Mathis-Dorliae
Barbara Miller-Williams
Elizabeth A. Morse
Davina Moss-King
Monica Nevins
E. Jeannette Ogden
Jessica Perkins
A.Deniese Pilot
Redahlia Riggins
Susanna Turner Schenk
Rose H. Sconiers*
Rhonda Spates-Benton
Tanya Staples
Damali A. Thomas
Melva Visher
Parette Walker
Lisa Tolbert Yokley*+

History Of The Erie County Chapter Of The Links, Incorporated

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- Linked in friendship, Connected in Service

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Annual 'Nite On The Town' Scholarship Dinner Dance


Miriam D. Locke *
Madeline O. Scott
Betty J. Smith *
Betsy M. Strother *
Nancy W. Thompson


Joyce Harrington*+
Eunice Jackson *
Rose H. Sconiers *
Marva Daniel *
Nancy J. Hargro *
Carolyn H. Allen *
Catherine Lewis
Mattie L. Rhodes
Tanya Staples


Hortense Nash*+
Fern E. Beavers
Mildred J. Stallings *+
Shirley Courton*
Dorothy Phillips *
Marva J. Daniel *
Evian Trammell *
Pauline Childers *
Evelyn C. Akiwumi
Verna T. Morton
Nancy J. Hargro *
Nancy L. Laws-Griffin *
Esther M. Rudolph * +

* Charter Member
+ Platinum Member

- Linked in friendship, Connected in Service